New poll: What else besides bike commuting?

We are curious to find out what other type of cycling do you do. I used to be a hardcore roadie and a casual Mountain biker and rarely a racer. RL is a hardcore Mountain Biker and a less than casual road rider and a casual racer. How about you? Our poll is right below the Just Ask Jack Picture, so vote!


  1. Noah

    When it snows, I’m an MTBer. I do a little recreational singletrack on occasion, too.

    I’m a slow group rider, plain-clothes-wearin’ dude on whatever bike I want, riding with a pack of slow roadies.

    I’m a utility cyclist, beyond commuting, I do most of my errands by bike.

    I’m an urban cyclist when I’m on my MTB downtown. Bouncing over storm drains, hucking off huge curbs and ledges, riding down stairways, and in general being “one of those guys”

    Basically, I do a little of everything except race… unless I see another bike going my way. It’s the un-written law: two cyclists going the same direction must race one another.

  2. enrique

    I’m picking up cycling again after many years. Right now, I do it for recreation/exercise 3X a week. I’ll get there!

  3. Ghost Rider

    I dabble in almost every form of cycling: I am a former road racer who now enjoys commuting, BMX, urban exploration (stairs and loading ramps and parking garages), singlespeed, fixed gear, road riding, MTB (but not often enough) and putting on my eye patch and rocking my pirate cruiser (…the only thing I haven’t done is ridden a recumbant!!

  4. Gabriel

    Mostly commuting and utility cycling. Used to Mountain Bike a lot, but until my kids are older…

  5. Joel

    What about tris? I have done (and am in training again) a few triathlons. I consider this (and maybe I’m being nit-picky) separate from either racing (I’m a slow Clyde) or road riding. I also utility cycle, which could fall under commuting for me since most of my other trips are on the way home.

  6. Jamie Fellrath

    I’m primarily a commuter/utility cyclist, but I take my family out for pleasure rides. I’m not really a roadie OR a mountain biker (though I think I’d love mountain biking if I were to have time to try it, or my old mountain bike hadn’t gotten stolen before I had a chance to actually try mountain biking).

  7. Joe

    commuter; recreational rides and once a year a nice week long tour.

  8. RL Policar


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