Blogs VS Mags

I subscribe to most major cycling magazines. Recently, I have noticed a couple of articles on magazines where they sort of vilify blogs. They claim that we are bunch of amateurs and that we don’t know what we are talking about. They mostly classify blogs as a form of ‘entertainment’ and not a bona fide source of information.

I can agree that most of us may not have a journalism degree, and sure, some of us are not professional writers. However, blogs have one big advantage over print material: Time. Have you seen Intebike coverage in magazines yet? I didn’t think so. There were more than a few bloggers covering Interbike and we were feeding the information to the readers almost daily (we came to find out that our hacker was responsible for our Interbike outage, not our web host). I remember reading Sea Otter coverage and race results 3 months after the event, 3 months!!!

I also think that our type of media has been embraced by the bike industry. When it comes to bike commuting, websites are THE source of information. Sure you read stories about ‘Bike Town USA’ but when have you seen an in-depth review of their bikes or gear?

I’m not saying that magazines suck — after all, they do get to play with $10K bikes and have pretty ads of expensive cars. But I do think that that some mags feel threatened by our ability to spread news and reviews three months earlier than they do.

How do YOU feel about bike magazines or blogs?