DiNotte 200L LED Light review.

Noah from KC BikeCommuting has posted a review of the DiNotte 200L light.

During the morning and evening twilight hours, the DiNotte’s strobing patterns are extremely vivid and hard to ignore. I would almost call it annoying. Reflective street signs blink back at me, even with the sun in the sky. Now, even during the day, I don’t commute without the DiNotte flashing away.

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  1. Mike Myers

    DiNotte makes a heck of a good light. I had one of the first 5W Ultralights they made. I traded that to DiNotte plus $200 and got a 200L and a taillight, and now I have a 600L to boot. I especially like their decision to use rechargeable AAs in a line of their lights. That way batteries are cheap to replace when they won’t charge.

    That being said, the 600L is a whole different ballgame. Super bright, long run time–it’s like daylight.

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