Got Disc Brakes on your Commuter?

Khoa on TheBikeGeek (our sister site or brother site…however you want to look at it.) has a great tip on how to get ride of brake squeal with the use of this…

Click HERE to read all about it.


  1. Gabriel

    YES! I kid you not, I was bitching about this less than 2 hours ago. Thanks!

  2. Raiyn

    This old thread came up on the “featured” thingy and I’ve gotta say I HIGHLY disagree.

    See my post over on Bikeforums. WARNING: This is a subject that really grinds my gears and I’m not so nice about it over on the other site. SFW but barely.

    Follow this advice and FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS (see your manufacturer’s website) when you set up and service your brakes and you’ll minimize or eliminate squeal.

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