Pake Bikes Releases a new Frame

I got an email from AJ of Pake Bikes telling me all about their new frame.

The new frame is actually called the C’Mute.
It has a versatile geometry which you can build into a
sport tourer, CX, fast commuter, geared or
single-speed bicycle

Cyclocross geometry
Butted Tange 4130 CrMo tubeset.
Rear rack and fender eyelets
Clearance for 35c tires with fenders.
Decals: Removable w/o stripping clearcoat
Semi-horizonal dropouts
Optional unicrown steel fork w/ rack and fender mounts
and low rider pannier mounts;
44mm rake, matching paint
Extended headtube
Color: Pave-Mint

27.2mm seatpost
1325mm rear hub spacing.
1-1/8″ headset size.
68mm BB shell
28.6mm front derailleur

SRP, frame with fork: $349.99



  1. Quinn

    I’m guessing 700c?

    what’s the weight?

  2. Ghost Rider

    Niiiice. I love those versatile framesets — kind of a “make exactly the bike you want” deal! This kind of frame has been wildly successful for Salsa and Surly, so it’s good to see these guys pulling the trigger on a setup like that.

    Looks like a great value, too. I only wish they had done a crowned fork instead of a hideously ugly unicrown model. Maybe a crowned fork will be an upgrade like the other Pake’ frame?

  3. AJ

    700c, yes. 56cm weighs 5.5 lbs…that’s with a oversized 34.9mm diameter double butted downtube and a taller than average headtube. The fork is optional, if folks don’t like it they can upgrade on their own. The unicrown fork is decked out with eyelets and rides comfortably though and keeps it the frameset more affordable.

  4. Lance

    Thought Bianchi had the rights to that teal color? haha

    One do-it-all frame is the way to go! I agree GR. Is it me or does the headtube stick really far out above the top tube?

  5. Ghost Rider

    That headtube seems to be a trend among “do it all” frames…I think the idea is a more upright riding position with less headset spacers (‘course, that pictured bike has a STACK of spacers installed).

    I don’t have a problem with the functionality of a unicrown fork…I own a couple bikes with them, and they do just fine — but aesthetically, they leave a lot to be desired!

  6. russ roca

    Sweet….i was looking for a new bike to build around a hub I’m getting 🙂 this might be a good fit…

    friend of mine scored me a an Alfine 8 speed hub and shifter! can’t get them in the US just yet…and I ‘m planning to make an internal hub townie bike

  7. db

    I like the way that one in the photo is built up. Very nice.

  8. AJ

    GR: This bike was one we borrowed from a shop, so it is built up with an uncut steerer…just in case the new owner likes it high.
    Lance: The color is similar to celeste green, but when you look at them side by side, our Pave-Mint color is bluer and has some grey in it. It is more apparent in the other pictures on the website. Thanks for the feedback.

  9. BMP

    I just bought a C mute after destroying my Bianchi frame…. I haven’t recieved it in the mail yet, but I can’t wait. Thank you for the common sized seatpost and a frame that poor bikers like me can pimp out however we need. I am sticking with the singlespeed and might throw a lighter for and mudders come fall.

    Thank you for such a simple frame!

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