What’s wrong with this picture?

The morons from Westgate Resorts have this picture in their rotating gallery on their website. What are they trying to convey? Ah, yes, that purchasing one of their timeshares is as stupid as that picture… Quite subliminal!!!


  1. Dominic Dougherty

    I see 2 counts of child endangerment – breaking at least 2 laws on two counts each.

    Florida Vehicle Code 316.2065, para (2);
    FVC 316.2065 para (3)(D)

  2. Ghost Rider

    “Wheee, Daddy! Broken bones and brain injuries are FUN!!! Yippee!”

    What lifestyle is Westgate Resorts trying to sell? Are they a vacation destination or a skilled-nursing facility? I ask because if something happens to those folks on the bike, they’re gonna need round-the-clock life support!

  3. Otter

    Oh really, lighten up. Child endangerment? For all you know, they’re going 2 miles/hour, and you’re citing vehicle code.

    “Sure honey, you can ride with Daddy on the bike. Now let’s get on your helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, safety goggles, SPF 100 sunblock, and strap you into your 5-point harness trailer with orange safety flag.”

    “Daddy, I know the clinic is only 100 yards away, but getting my twice-annual flu shot has never been so fun!”

  4. Dork

    He’s citing vehicle code because… wait for it…


    I believe any state that has adopted the universal VEHICLE code would consider the above activity unlawful.

  5. Ghost Rider

    Yeah…in Florida, a bicycle is a vehicle just like that gas-sucking SUV idling in the lane next to me.

  6. Gunnar

    Ok… yes it’s against the law. And yes it’s dangerous. But like anything people are responsible for themselves.

    Many times, when my kids were toddlers, I would roll home after a ride, they would greet me outside and I would pick them up, hold them in my arm and ride around the block. Sans helmet on the child, sometimes pretty fast. I beleive it allowed them share the feeling I get when I ride. Occasionally my youngest, who is now six, still wants to climb up and go around the block. Because she’s bigger, I’ll plop her butt on the top tube and spin around. Yes it’s dangerous. But I calculate the risk and accept responsibility for the actions. It’s on a quiet street, in a quiet neighborhood.

    Now that that’s out of the way. This is a stock photo. Probably from Getty. Thier design agency probably owns a cd with a bunch of other images. I see no difference between this and car commercials with cars drifting and sliding, speeding and skidding, on roads and off (even though most off road capable vehicles will never go off road). In fact it’s better because it may place a seed in someones mind that bikes can be fun. And they are. Sure it’s a tool, and a vehicle, and a way to reduce our reliance on oil, etc. But it can still be fun. And that’s the beuaty of the bike.

  7. Quinn

    1 Hard Stop the girl is eating asphalt, and since that rack isn’t an Axiom Oddyssee, the kid is getting a “skid mark” the HArd way!

  8. Dominic Dougherty

    Otter, you’re being silly. While safety is a big concern, helmets for children are the LAW. Wrist guards, sun screen, etc., are not required BY LAW.

    Gunnar, yes people are responsible for their own safety, bust as a parent you are also responsible for your child’s safety. Your decision to not require them to wear helmets is not only unsafe, but also illegal, as is riding them on your top tube.

    Do you teach your children that it’s okay to walk across a red light as long as they don’t get hit by a car? Safety aside, laws exist and should be obeyed, especially in the presence of children.

  9. Ghost Rider

    Dominic, as of June 2007, there is NO state law requiring children’s bicycle helmet use in Minnesota, where Gunnar resides (municipal law may differ, though)…

    Nevertheless, your points are extremely valid — it is our responsibility as parents to not only protect our children, but to set good examples as law-abiders.

    Here’s a state-by-state breakdown produced by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety:

  10. Otter

    Does a bike’s status as a vehicle apply off public roads? Do any vehicle laws apply on private property, such as… a resort?

    Are we all assuming the man and his kids in the picture are on their way to work at the refinery, along a 55-mpg divided highway, or is he maybe taking the long way around the tennis courts, to play some frisbee on the big lawn?

    I always though bikes were fun, what’s the deal?

  11. Gene

    Looks like they are riding on the beach.
    It is unlikely that the dad is going to wreck out there, and a faceful of sand is probably the worst the kids would get if he did.

  12. Dan Sebring

    Live and learn! What ever you do, don’t buy your vacation timeshare from one of the big companies like Worldmark. I purchased both of mine on Ebay, and saved a boatload of money. The best way to go is “timeshare resales” found on my real estate website.

  13. Moe (Post author)

    Ah, finally someone gets the point of the post…

  14. Gregg Dececco

    I am looking to sell my Worldmark timeshare that I bought about 5 years ago. What kind of prices can I expect to get? I understand I will be taking a bath on the resale value, but can anyone with a similar experience tell me what they got? (in percentage terms if you don’t want to give dollar values)

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