Christmas Lights for Bikes!

Our buddy Noah over in Kansas City had a holiday-themed post over at his blog the other day…he found some Christmas lights for his bike!

Totally inspired by this, I proceeded to scour the Web, looking for similar battery-powered LED lights for my commuting bike after a search of several local stores turned up bupkis. Yeah, that’s right…I said “BUPKIS”!

Finally, after a good bit of searching, I discovered exactly what I wanted — multi-colored blinking LED Christmas lights powered by AA batteries. I got them from a site called “Deal Extreme”. Right now, there is worldwide FREE SHIPPING on this item!

As Noah indicated on his blog, the battery case for these lights is a bit flimsy and not exactly waterproof. I, too, added a rubberband and a plastic sandwich bag to reinforce the battery case and slipped it into the pocket of my pannier. The full light cable is three meters long fully extended, so I ran the lights up my toptube, around the headtube and down the downtube, securing the cable with a few zipties as I went.

Here’s how it looks:
Christmas lights

Wait — let’s try this poorly-made video to see how things look! The really bright red flash to the right is my Planet Bike “Superflash”:

The picture doesn’t do these lights justice — each LED blinks from red to green to blue, purple, yellow and orange and there are a multitude of flashing patterns!! As I rode home tonight from the annual Hillsborough River Christmas Boat Parade, I got a lot of honks and shouts of “Hey, Santa!” from passing motorists and pedestrians. It was AWESOME! Now all I need to do is grow a big belly and a white beard!


  1. Dominic Dougherty

    Ha! We were just talking about these at Moe’s house. I’ve got two sets outlining my Xtracycle; people really get a kick out of it.

  2. Lance

    Looks awesome Jack!

  3. RL Policar

    I’m sure those would be useful for commuting too!

  4. Ghost Rider

    If they’re durable, I may just leave ’em on all year. They CERTAINLY help get you noticed!

  5. Moe

    That’s what I call the REAL meaning of ‘Lit like a Christmas Tree’

  6. Fritz

    Oooh, looks nice! I’ve ordered those DealExtreme lights also and can’t wait to see how they look.

  7. Mike Mullen

    If you want to see the ultimate Christmas light bike, go to, click on the red “Showcase” tab at the top, click on “Customer displays (Christmas)”, then click on the Windows Media Player link below “Christmas Kit on a Bike”, which should be on the top row, right side of the video clips.

    Not sure if this link will work here.

    I’ve been installing Christmas lights on my bike and friend’s bikes for several years. Our biking group, PVYC, has a Christmas Light Ride through the Kansas City Plaza scheduled tonight at 6:30 from the 75th St Brewery just off Wornell. Come join us and see the synchronized to music Xmas light bike in person. – Mike Mullen, Overland Park, Kansas.

  8. Ghost Rider

    Wow…that was AWESOME!!!

    Tell me more about the setup — what do you do to get lights in the wheels? Is there music, too? Are those all LEDs, and how is it all powered?

  9. Mike Mullen

    The Bob trailer has a Christmas Kit from Animated Lighting ( that consists of a controller box with 16 circuits to plug in the LED lights, a computer (Monster Brain) with two SD cards that have the music and programming for controlling the light circuits, two power inverters, 4 NiMH batteries, a mini amp, and 4 cube speakers. Two 12 volt 4000 amp hour batteries power two circuits to the controller box through 2 power inverters. A 2700 amp hour 7.5 volt battery powers the computer (monster brain) and a 750 amp hour 12 volt battery powers the mini amp and speakers. I had the batteries made at Batteries Plus. Animated Lighting has about 50 preprogrammed songs to pick from for $25 each. My bike group was getting tired of listening to the same songs several times during a ride so I purchased more songs this year. The 16 circuits in the controller box are color coded to help wire up the bike and trailer. I have special connectors (used on the Space Suttle) between the bike and trailer so I can disconnect them for transport in my SUV. I also have a couple of connectors near the stem to plug in my Santa suit. The wheels have 6 Hokey Spokes in 3 colors, which have LED lights that change patterns. Check them out at They add extra weight to your bike but they look really cool. The bike and trailer with equipment and lights weighs 75 pounds. I wired some of the LED light strings together with small 4″ cable ties before installing them on the bike and trailer with 8″ cable ties. Use toenail clippers to cut off the tail on the cable ties so they’re flush and won’t catch on your clothes. Use a lot of cable ties and pull them tight when wiring up your bike so nothing comes loose while riding. If anyone is interested, I can tell you how I wire up the other bikes with just LED lights. – Mike

  10. crispy

    This is a year late, but I just ordered a set from your link – I’ve been looking for something like this for a while!

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