Company Profile: Nirve Bicycles

Nirve Bicycles became one of our friends a few months ago. They supplied us with a super cool Ultraliner to review and ever since then we’ve been best buds.

Under the leadership of Dan Bon, who I may add is probably the tallest guy I know in the bicycle industry, Nirve is known to be the premiere bicycle company that specializes in designer,quality beach cruisers, choppers and bicycle components. You may have seen some of their bikes that have some great designs such as Hello Kitty, Paul Frank, John Deere, Pink Panther and many more.

This past Friday our very own Khoa N.(our own Sports Photographer), headed down to Fountain Valley, meet up with Dan Bon to pick up the newest bike to hit our testing grounds, the Night Owl.
nirve night owl

nirve night owl
Photos by Khoa N.

While Khoa was at the Nirve headquarters, Dan gave him a tour of their showroom floor and Khoa was able to take some great photos of some of the most unique bikes that I’ve seen. Check out the photo below — they actually have a bike rack in the front…which means they encourage bike commuting!

As you walk through the Nirve doors, you’re greeted with display cases that show off their goods as well as a hall of fame that has photos, posters, magazine articles and other memorabilia that makes Nirve so popular. During one of my visits there, I saw a collage where Nirve presented some of the stars of the hit TV show The OC with some tricked out chopper cruisers.
nirve bicycles lobby
Nirve Hall of Fame

One of the best things that I think makes Nirve better than some of the other cruiser brands out there is the detail that they put into their bikes. Check out the “mural” they have on this Lahaina cruiser.

Nirve carries a whole slew of beach cruisers in so many different styles that they pretty much boast that anyone can find the cruiser that will fit their personality to the tee.

There were two cruisers/choppers that caught my attention form Khoa’s collection of photos. The first one is called the Cannibal.

I love this bare metal look. Look at that welding…now that’s nice! I hate bikes that have weld jobs that look like someone just squeezed out a tube of toothpaste onto the metal…but not Nirve…it basically looks clean.

Another attention to detail was found on this bike. I mean c’mon — Firmstrong, Giant, Trek or other cruiser makers has nothing on Nirve when it comes to the details…

So you’re probably wondering why we did a company profile on a beach cruiser company. Well it actually came about because I have yet to see anyone commute on a beach cruiser. So I wanted to break into something new with commuting and possibly crack the stereotype that beach cruisers are not long haul commuters. But in reality, ANY bike can be a commuter! I’m just grateful for Dan Bon and Nirve to allow us to use their bike to help introduce cruisers as commuters.

What’s great about the Nirve Night Owl that we’re reviewing is that it has mounts for a rear rack if I wanted to install one. Plus, it has a chain guard to protect my slacks from grease. But if you’re not a rack kinda person, you can also use those mounting tabs for a set of fenders. But since we’re testing this in Southern California…there’s no need. We’re basically in a drought and only really see a few weeks of rain a year.

So for the folks who are bike commuting with multi-geared bikes, fixies, mountain bikes, utilitarian bikes and road bikes, my goal is to give you insight that you can easily commute to work or anywhere with the use of a beach cruiser.

I do want to thank Khoa for taking the day to spend with Nirve Bicycles and thanks again to Dan Bon for providing us the Night Owl for the review.

To see more of Khoa’s Nirve visit photos, click HERE.


  1. Moe

    Maybe not on the OC, but I see more than a few people riding cruisers for utilitarian/commuting purposes in L.A. County.

    What I like about this cruiser is that it has a few elements of BMX/MTB/Cruiser. I will be looking forward to the review.

  2. derek

    Interesting article. Commuting on cruisers is awesome. We bought a bunch of electras, as they were the most comfortable cruiser style bikes we could find. We didn’t have a chance to ride nirves though, I’ll be interested to see what your thoughts are on comfort- esp for longer rides.

  3. Levi

    Huh, I’ve never seen anything but their BMX bikes and parts.

  4. Ghost Rider

    Derek…by the way, I LOVE your blog and your photography! I discovered your blog last year when I was looking at Xtracycle ideas!

  5. derek

    Thanks! 🙂

  6. Ray l

    Nirve bikes have a nice grip angle – the handlebars angle back to make riding easy on the wrists. Many other beach cruisers have a heinous, and even dangerous, grip angle.

  7. rj

    recently got a nirve classic 3 speed and have been commuting on it ever since. very smooth ride. i’d be interested in other readers opinion of nirve as well

  8. Sarah

    Thanks for this article! I own a beautiful cruiser but have thus far avoided commuting on it because it is sooo heavy I am afraid it will be too onerous but I want to break that trend this summer.

  9. income tax calculator guy

    Love the attention to detail and the quality of the welds. Super clean work!!!

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