New Light Source for Bikes?

Elizabeth Adamczyk, our pal up in Chicago, just sent me a link to a Treehugger article that shows a promising new light source that powers itself for up to 12 years without batteries, sunshine or any other external power source.

Bicycle Litroenergy

The light source is known as “litroenergy”…a betavoltaic power source based on low-energy radioactivity. The company that is spearheading this new light source claims that the radiation cannot escape the microparticles it is contained in, making the technology safe for a wide variety of uses.

This material can be molded with plastics or included in paints, among other applications — this could be a really cool addition to the nighttime commuting arsenal!


  1. russ roca

    sounds cool….but i want some testing done before i start growing an arm out of my kneecap or something…

  2. Ghost Rider

    Russ, there’s a long-used variant of this technology (since at least the mid 70s)…in use by emergency crews, military and police. It’s called tritium, and is used in night sights for guns and stuff. It’s perfectly safe, as long as you don’t ingest the loose tritium (the radioactivity is too weak to penetrate the glass capsule).

  3. Lance

    Tritium? Isn’t that what Dr. Oc wanted more of in Spiderman 2?

    This stuff looks really amazing and will definitely have it’s application for commuters! Man I’d kill to have those on my wheelset shining bright like that!

  4. Ghost Rider

    Indeed, that is what Doc Ock was after in Spiderman 2…tritium is a merely a radioactive isotope of hydrogen — really low-powered emissions. I’m not sure what this new litroenergy stuff has for its “driver”…the company claims it is proprietary, but I am taking a guess and saying some variant of tritium.

    I could totally dig on some glowing wheels!

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