Rear view camera.

Rear view mirrors too geeky for you? Check out this speedometer with a rear camera!

3.5 Inch LCD
4 Hour Lithium Battery
32 MB RAM Card
Optional GPS and Powermeter.

Click here for more info.

Via Gizmodo Via Cerevellum


  1. Joe Biker

    The title should be “rear view mirrors NOT geeky enough for you?” !!! This is a must have for the bikin uber geek.

  2. Quinn

    This woulda been handy about a week ago when I was almost run over in a construction zone. an elecrical contractor in an F450 came 6 inches from me claiming I didn’t give him any warning before taking the lane.

  3. Dominic Dougherty

    This seems like such a terrible idea. As if taking your eyes off the road to check your speed isn’t dangerous enough, now we’ve got a TV mounted on our handlebars? Does it play BluRay?

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