You’d Look Hotter in a Helmet…

As many of you may have realized, the staff is pretty militant about wearing helmets while bicycling — and while many folks may disagree with whether or not helmets make any difference in safety, we believe if there is anything between your two ears that you care about (fond memories, facts, pop culture trivia, etc.), it’s worth protecting.

Sometimes we joke about how silly helmets make us look; other times we might complain about how hot (or cold) they might feel on our heads. No matter what, though, we like ’em and we wear ’em.

All that being said, there’s a new blog out there that aims “To erase the stigma that wearing a helmet is dorky or uncool and to encourage the idea that wearing a helmet is attractive, cool and smart.” This is the “Safety is Sexy Campaign“, and they’ve got a pretty cool thing going on over there. You should check it out!

A great feature they have is that if you send them your mailing address, they will mail you a handful of stickers that say “You’d look hotter in a helmet.” — perfect for plastering around town to get the message out!

hotter in a helmet


  1. Marrock

    As soon as someone starts giving away helmets that will fit me, let me know…

    Because that’s the only way I’m going to be able to get one.

    I’d use one if I had it but the only ones I can find that will fit my melon are out of range of what I can afford, which at this moment is exactly nothing.

  2. Quinn

    I have 2 trains-of-thought and to sides to this-

    I am a mountain biker and a commuter,
    I have Spina bifida, and was an EMT.

    If you talk to any helmet company/product test they will say, yes helmet do decrease head injuries, however Increase Cervical-spine injuries.

    I have never have gone off-road without, never will.

    Being a commuter, yes there is traffic, how ever, not owning a car and riding every where a helmet has become a bother, something extra that I get tired of dealing with.
    Once I got a road bike I found that i/the bike was so fast and nimble that I had to get a mirror, the helmet providing a mounting point.
    now I find myself riding my road bike with the helmet, cruising around on my 29er without, except when I go get my groceries, the mirror is handy with the extra load.
    Now as a person with Spina bifida, who work at maintaining/improving my physical condition every day, and have been a lifeguard, and rock climbing instructor, on top of the EMT, If I were to receive a C-spine injury, I might as well be dead.

  3. Ghost Rider

    I guess I am so militant because even one head/pavement contact is too many. I’d rather deal with the inconvenience, discomfort and “uncool” aspects of wearing a helmet than getting bone splinters picked out of my brain at $15K per hour in medical costs.

    What REALLY freaks me out is all the “fixie kids” out there…a lot of them really don’t have much in the way of bike-handling skills, and just as many haven’t been on bicycles since they were children. Couple that with no brakes and no helmets and it’s a wonder we don’t see a rash of deaths/disabilities among that crowd.

  4. Chuck Fujita

    Thirty-three years ago, Pittsburgh, PA had a campaign to encourage helmet use. Their poster featured pro sports heroes from the Pirates, Steelers, and the Penguins, all wearing their helmets, along with a child astride a bike in a helmet. The caption read, “The pros wear them.” I always thought it was a slick ad.

  5. Moe

    So I went inside the bedroom wearing JUST my helmet… My wife laughed so hard it killed the mood…. Somehow, I don’t think wearing a helmet made me look hotter.

    Although I admire the purpose of the campaign, I don’t think that it would be really effective (I hope I’m wrong). I think a campaign targeting kids AND their parents would actually encourage the next generation of riders to wear helmets. Is it too late for us? I guess old habits are hard to break.

  6. Mike

    I am an old F**t and a long time motorcyclyst as well as a bycycle rider. I wouldn’t go around the block without a helmet. I believe in choice and could care less about what someone else thinks about the looks. Helmets make sense

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