Hybrid Hype

A coworker and I got into a debate about hybrid cars. He wants to spend 30k on a hybrid or electric car. His reasoning behind it…”I want to save the environment.” Naturally I said, why don’t you just get a bicycle. He lives close enough to commute. But here’s what he said…

“That is not practical, what if I have to go the grocery store, go some where where I have to pick up things or carry passengers. It doesn’t make sense to ride a bike. I currently use my car(gas powered) in many ways, I don’t see how you can use a bicycle in a ways of a car”

I started telling him about my Xtracycle and so forth, but then he goes off in a tangent about how it doesn’t make sense. By that time other coworkers were saying to him that if he really wanted to save the environment, then he should just get a bicycle. Everyone argued that a bicycle has no emmisions and all that jazz….But this hybrid loving coworker was set on dropping tons of cash just so he could “save the environment.” We all tried to get our point accross about bikes, but this guy was stubborn.

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