LED Spoke Light

I came home from work and Priscilla handed me a be-lated Christmas Gift!
led bike light

Apparently she ordered it from some sort of mail order catalog. It was about $12 or so. The packaging doesn’t really have much info as far as where to buy it, but the invoice shows you can get more information from

I mounted the LED to my Redline 925. Installation takes no more than 10 minutes.
led lights

The unit cycles through 5 or 6 words and about 36 different patterns. These pictures don’t do it justice…

Here’s a partial image from the LED while it was in my kitchen.

Here’s what it looked like while I was out in the street.

This thing is pretty darn bright. I’d totally recommend it! Besides, its only $12…that included shipping.


  1. Mase

    These seem similar to hokey spokes — — but not nearly as expensive.

  2. russ roca

    sweet…can you see the lights from both sides of the wheel?

  3. RL Policar (Post author)


    Yah that’s exactly what I thought when I got them.


    No you can’t, but its bright enough to where it lights up the ground pretty well. I mounted it on the left side of the wheel so drivers can see me better.

  4. tj

    nice find! They will be perfect on my grocery getter.

    I strung xmas lights through the spokes of my commuter. People love them, but I sometimes feel like I’m a flame attracting drunken, hummer-driving moths.

  5. Mike
  6. RL Policar


    thanks for the link. But Priscilla tells me that you have to be a business in order to purchase items from LTDcommodities…She was able to purchase this item through the company she works for….

  7. Ghost Rider

    Hmm…looks like regular civilians can create an account. I just tried with a fake name and email address and it let me create a user account.

  8. Lance

    How heavy is this thing RL? Paper weight or light plastic?

  9. RL

    dunno the exact weight, but while I was spinning it in my kitchen, the wheel does wobble kinda like a gyroscope. I’d imagine you’d be better off getting at least two just so you can be somewhat balanced.

  10. louise

    I purchase 2 led bike spoke lights from ltd and attacked them to my three wheel bikes but the dont seem to be able to get them to work properly could you tell me what Iam doing wrong.

  11. RL Policar

    Lousie, just make sure the magnets are lined up.

  12. Wendy

    Hey, I bought one for my daughter for Christmas, but we can’t get it to work right. It stays on for about 2 minutes. It just does a “line dance” and then turns off. I was wondering if you could offer any help. Thanks

  13. RL Policar (Post author)

    Hi Wendy,

    Just make sure the magnet is close enough to the contact point on the LED light. The magnet triggers the light to stay on.


  14. Wendy

    gotta it working, found the magnet.

  15. fruit sells these as well.

  16. turbo

    can you program the lights yourself?

  17. RL

    Turbo, no you can’t. it comes pre-programmed.

  18. Michele

    Did you find instructions on how to install them? If so can you shoot me a pdf or some type of them we are lost on how to put it on. πŸ™‚

  19. Dow

    This sight sells a programable version called spoke POV. There may also have been an article in MAKE magazine about programing these.

  20. Andrew

    I lost my directions before i got a chance to put it on, could you send me some directions in any form

  21. Andrew

    by the way if you can’t find my e-mail, its

  22. CL

    I also find a similar product which can program own patterns, seems quit easy.

  23. tiffany

    Hey! I bought this exact same thing from I have 3 boys and they were so excited but it doesn’t seem like any of them are going to fit on their bikes! They are too long and too thick to go between the bar and the wheel. Am I doing it right? It looks like you have TONS of space! Is there THAT much difference between a 10 year olds bike and yours? No offense but when I first saw these, I thought of kiddos? I think they are cool, but why wouldn’t they fit on kids bikes? HELP?!

  24. tiffany

    PS they are $7.95 at

  25. jen

    tiffany, i have the same problem! We got these off ebay for our three kids for a christmas present, but they don’t fit on any of their bikes. We got one of them mounted, but it’s more of a horizontal mount, and it doesn’t make any of the patterns show that way. The kids are really dissapointed, guess we will have to hang on to them until the kids grow into bigger bikes.

  26. tiffany

    Thanks, Jen! I didn’t think that we were that ignorant, but where I bought them, they show a young girl riding a bike with one! VERY MISLEADING!!! KIDS are so disapointed! They should specify on the package but there is NOTHING at all there!

  27. Raiyn

    @Jen & Tiffany
    Yes there’s a whole lot of difference between a 10 year old’s BMX bike and the road bike featured in the article. As for the bike on the website it looks like it has a 24″ wheel which is typical on kiddie MTB’s.

    One more thing: There’s nothing misleading as they provided the measurements of the device. “‘measures 7″ x 1-1/4″ x 1”. “‘ It’s called a tape measure, try it next time.

  28. Andrea

    I think the spoke lights are great for night visibility, but I really think conventional lights do the job just fine. This spoke light does give a bike the side lighting that most front and back lights can’t do. I like the price, too. A few years ago, I bought an old model Vista light from a bike shop – the cable melted from excessive heat after about 3 weeks. I have never paid more than $20.00 for a light since.

  29. John

    How does the magnet mount on the fork? My mountain bike (with slicks) does double duty as my commuter/night riding bike, and has a suspension fork that is much beefier than the one in the pic.

  30. LAURA

    Thanks to the picture of the mount on your bike, I finally figured out why my LED spoke lights weren’t staying on…I had the magnet lined up to the wrong end!!! Mystery solved!

    Thank you!

  31. Andrea G

    Arg! I don’t know if anybody can help but I bought two of these on an online auction. Judging the picture above, it looks like they came with some sort of mounting unit? I’m not sure if I have everything I need to put thes on my bike…my packages both just came with the white stick part. No extras. Is that all I need to put these bad boys on and if so, how the hell do i do it? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks a lot!

  32. Andrea G

    And what’s all this talk of magnets? I think I may have gotten incomplete packages πŸ™

  33. CL

    Cool stuff. Any one try ANVII lights? Their link

  34. Mike

    welcome to most popular leds shop, every day we get a new lights/

  35. Rich

    The best most durable product on the market is still Hokey Spokes! ( ).
    A lot of cheap imitations but Hokey Spokes are the best bet.

    Hokey Spokes are waterproof and shock resistant and you can always reach the home office. Ever try to place a phone call to It won’t happen. Be careful of doing business with any one or any company that takes your money on the internet but never tells you how to contact them (in person or by phone). Hokey Spokes actually answers the phone (no mechanical voice) and gives great customer service.

  36. LeSharo

    I had my daughter’s backward. Wouldn’t do the patterns. Thanks for the info, I’d never had seen the “target” except for your photo– showed the correct install. Very cool, now my son wants one too.

  37. cezeOne

    Thank you, OP, for posting the pictures. I was having the same issue and remounted the magnets how you got them and everything works great. I have a FUJI ACR and the fork is not round it’s more like triangular and flat if you ever seen a carbon one, so I mounted the magnets on the seat stay since it’s the only round section on the frame. I might add some rubber to the frame so the mounts won’t slide up or down.

  38. ruth

    did anyone ever turn up the directions for the national design led bike spoke light? i have the directions for installing but not for use. thanks, ruth

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