Banjo Brothers Commuter Back Pack-Wet Test

With the recent rains that Southern California had experienced, I wanted to see how well the Banjo Brothers Commuter Back Pack‘s ability to keep things dry over a long period of wetness exposure.

So I set up the bag in my back patio where it gets pretty wet during the rains. Rather than standing in the rain all night long. I recruited the use of my old ladder and a bungee cord to hold the bag in place.

This is the bag the following morning. I apologize for the fuzzy picture, my camera sucks.

As I opened it up this morning, I expected that the bag would have been flooded inside.

But to my surprise, the items in the bag stayed dry!


  1. Noah

    The minions are requesting a bathtub immersion test. 5 minutes under water. Buwahahaha!

  2. Elijah

    How’s your bag holding up with the stitching? My Banjo brothers backpack’s inner pocket stitching came apart, and I emailed their warranty email twice with pictures and description and got no response :(.

  3. RL Policar

    My bag is doing pretty good. I used the bag during Interbike and I probably had about 25lbs worth of junk in there for 3 days straight.

    Elijah, I’ll get you my contacts info at Banjo. They’re cool guys, so I’ m not sure why they haven’t gotten back to you.


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