Russ Roca is a Bike Commuter!

We would like to welcome Russ Roca to our team of writers/testers. Russ is a professional photographer that relies on his bicycle as transportation to his photo assignments. Russ will also bring bike touring to the table, after all “Bike touring is just a very long commute”. Keep an eye for Russ’ posts, I’m sure we all will enjoy them.


  1. Noah

    More writers = more good stuff for me to read! Looking forward to it!

  2. RL Policar

    Alright! Woohoo! I can’t wait to watch and learn all the multi-media that you do Russ.

    Welcome to the familia!

  3. russ roca

    Yay….Thanks guys. I’m working on my next entry…a DIY hardcase

  4. Dominic Dougherty

    10 bucks says he breaks something within the first week 😉

  5. Priscilla

    Awesome! Welcome Russ! 😀

  6. Ghost Rider

    Aw…Russ is too smooth to break anything around here! That’s why we picked him!

  7. Nord

    Russ Roca takes great pictures.

  8. Nord

    and he rides a bike.

  9. Moe (Post author)

    and he doesn’t own a car. He as also been featured in Magazines and newspapers. Oh, he loves the color Orange.

  10. Henry

    Congrats Russ! I look forward to your posting.

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