Trail Construction — We Need Your Help!!!

We were recently contacted by Michele Schasberger, a project manager for the Wyoming Valley (PA) Wellness Trails Partnership. She needs our help with a document she is working on entitled “State of Luzerne County Trails”.

Michele realized during the planning for this project that recreational cyclists are routinely surveyed as to their preferences for trail location and layout, but that bicycle commuters who use trails for transportation purposes are under-represented.

The partnership is looking for input from bicycle commuters about their commuting routes and preferences, and we’d like to get our faithful readers in on this. In the comments section below, please indicate your answers to the following:

–Do bicycle commuters use off-street trails?

–Would you consider using a dedicated multi-modal (bicycles, pedestrians, etc.) transportation/recreational trail to commute if such a trail existed in your area?

–Would you go out of your way to use such a trail if it meant less traffic, more scenery, etc.?

–How DO we choose our routes?

We’ve talked about using bike lanes and designated trails before, and it would be great if we could keep this thread rolling (as it were) to really gauge how commuters make their route choices and what preferences they have for location and design of such trails.

Please be as specific as you can, and feel free to include any other tidbits that come to mind. Thanks for reading, and we all look forward to your comments!

About the author

Bicycle commuter since 1989, bicycle enthusiast for 30+ years. I am a Bookmobile/Books By Mail librarian at a large library system and the proud father of two wonderful boys.