Road Rash Repair Kit

Back at the 2007 Interbike, we met up with the folks from Road Rash Repair Kit. They sent us a sample kit to “test/review.” But to be honest with you, none of us do not want to get hurt in order to find out if the kit works. So rather than deliberately making ourselves crash, we thought we’d just talk about it.

As advertised:

The Road Rash Repair Kit revolutionizes treatment of road rash with hydrocolloid dressings for moist wound healing. Hydrocolloids are wound dressings that contain gel-forming agents. These agents are combined with elastomers (synthetic rubber) and applied to a carrier, such as polyurethane foam or film, to form an absorbent, self-adhesive, water resistant wafer. For most people, hydrocolloid dressings produce healthy, pink skin in days instead of weeks, reduce risk of infection, and bypass the pain and scabbing stage. Used as directed, they change your road rash experience from misery to a mere nuisance.

So here’s what you get:

Items included:

2 4X4 Reliamed ® beveled edge hydrocolloid dressings
Superior fluid absorption when compared to competitive dressings.

Hibiclens ® antiseptic antimicrobial skin cleanser
Hospital-grade disinfectant soap.

4 4X4 Reliamed ® sterile, non-woven surgical sponges
Hospital-grade sponges for wound cleaning and absorbing wound exudate.

8 inches (relaxed) Surgilast ® size 4 tubular elastic bandage
Secures dressings on arm without use of adhesive tape.

8 inches (relaxed) Surgilast ® size 5 tubular elastic bandage
Secures dressings on leg without use of adhesive tape. Can also be used on arm.

10 yards X 1-inch Reliamed ® hypoallergenic plastic tape
Prevents skin reactions in most people.

Road rash treatment instructions

The kit is almost the same size as a small water bottle. It can actually fit in your bottle cage or in your hydration pack.

I actually carry the kit in my hydration bag every time I ride just in case something does happen. Since we’re a bunch of wimps here and do necessarily like pain, we’ll wait until one of us gets hurt bad enough to use the kit. But until then check out Road Rash Repair Kit for more information.


  1. Ghost Rider

    That’s the same kind of dressing system they use in the burn wards of hospitals, so I figure it will work just fine for road rash…let’s hope that no one gets hurt out there, though!

  2. db

    I used hydrocolloid bandages, medical tape, and lots of antibiotic ointment this summer for mine. I’ll probably always have a blotchy scar on my hip, but my arms came out well. I would’ve liked to try those tubular bandages, though.

    If you’re a road biker or just ride a lot on the pavement, a kit like this would probably be a good investment.

  3. Marrock

    Does this mean that chicks no longer dig scars?

  4. Val

    Chicks will always dig scars – this just gives you more control over how much of one you get. Those dressings look nice; I may have to pick up a few to augment my comprehensive first aid kit. It will be a nice replacement for the standard large Band Aids I’m carrying now.

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  6. Dominic Dougherty

    What, no razor to shave your legs?

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  10. Watson

    The pads look too small, at least for the last two times i’ve come off. I use non-adhesive dressings (10x10cm was he biggest i could find), lucas’ pawpaw ointment (a greasy kind of stuff, prevented sticking and kept wound moist) on the dressing and FixomullTM stretch tape to hold it in place. The last rash on my hip (over ASIS, 2 weeeks ago) was dressing free within about 5 days with this treatment.

  11. Correction tape

    hanks! I really enjoy it! Great!

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