A little Bike 101….Return of the Scorcher

I saw this posted on CleverCycles today. It’s a link to Return of the Scorcher, the classic bicycling documentary that was made in 1992 about utilitarian cycling in China, the US, and Amsterdam. It’s fascinating to watch in light of all the bike advocacy that is going on now. It doesn’t seem like a whole lot has changed! The arguments back then are the same arguments we’re using now. When are people going to catch on?


  1. Matth

    Wow! What a great find! I can’t decide whether I’m sad or happy about the SF cyclist talking about how things are going to change. It’s taken 15 years and were seeing a change, but it’s far from being enough. I love the social commentary regarding the “manhood” of car. I sort of understand the sheer power argument, but wouldn’t one feel more manly pushing it’s own self? And what about more human? That’s one thing in our society that’s totally beyond me. I’d have a hard time believing these guys had nothing to do with the first(s) Critical Mass in ’92 in SF. What do you guys think? Any one of you guys participate in the event?

  2. Nicolas Marchildon

    Great documentary. Could it be from the observation of the Chinese that the expression Critical Mass was used for so-named cycling events?

    I just finished reading a book about the place of bikes in the culture of Netherlands. I learned that there were developed countries where transportation is not mainly done by car: (in French)

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