Going Dutch…or rediscovering the swept back handlebar.

I have 4 bikes. At one point they all had drop bars (Nitto Randonneurs…the best drops ever!), but I’ve recently rediscovered the joy of swept back handlebars. They look classy and they make great utilitarian handlebars. I use to have drops on my Xtracycle, which made for a fast ride, but when the bike was really loaded it was a little tough balancing the weight. Now, I have Soma Sparrow handlebars on the Xtra and it’s still zippy (I lose a little off the top end due to a less aero position) and I have better control of the load.

The setup!

Now I’m working on a new project. I’m turning my Trek 520 touring bike into a Riven-Trek, inspired by some Rivendell Atlantis bikes I’ve seen on the web. I’m swapping out the drops and putting in some Albatross bars. I’m planning to run mountain brake levers and bar-end shifters. I’m going to pop on some cork grips with some ample amber shellac to match my brown Brooks.

Insert smoking joke here...

My 56cm Albatross bars just came in and so did the the hemp twine. Still awaiting the rest of the parts (adjustable stem, brake levers, etc.,), but when those come in I’ll be sure take pics of the whole process.

Dutch is fun!

Anyone else going Dutch these days?