New poll: What is the primary reason you ride to work?

Why my big ass smile? ‘cuz I ride my bike!

We are curious to know what is the main reason you are a bike commuter. Most of us do it for all the reasons listed on the poll, but there has to be one that matters most to you. Why do I do it? Simply because it’s fun. So go ahead and vote! For those with RSS feeds, click here and scroll down.


  1. Jennifer

    Cheaper than the bus.

  2. jeff

    And faster than the bus, too…

  3. Jeff the Veloteer

    and less polluting than the bus…

  4. Val

    I need to get there – if I don’t show up, I’ll get fired. Also, I actually like my job.

  5. Melanie

    Funner than anything else I do all day. Especially on a Dutch bike.

    Also there is nothing that can insure you are more alert when you get to work than coasting down a hill in 15 degree weather.

  6. Mike

    Biking = Good Mood
    Driving = Bad Mood

  7. russ roca

    keeps me and the environment healthy

  8. Ghost Rider

    Because that’s how I roll.

    I do it because it is more fun and cheaper than burning gas, it keeps my ass nice and firm, it gives me the excuse to buy bicycle goodies and tools, it lets me get into the mood for and to cool down from my job (which I actually look forward to, like Val), because bus service in Tampa blows, and because it is silly to live this close to work and not explore SOME alternative to driving a car.

  9. FlynRyn

    For the love of riding.To keep the muscles active during the week for the mountain bike races on the weekends.

  10. Dominic Dougherty

    Because I never learned how to drive.

  11. Commuter Murali

    I don’t want to live like a zoo animal. When I commute by bike, I am out in the elements, not cloistered in a box.

    Everyday I hear, smell, and really see my neighborhood. Now when I go to work by car, I feel like I am in a coma.

  12. Deb

    Sometimes it’s the only fun I have during daylight hours. No one appreciates April like those of us who commute all winter

  13. yant

    faster than car
    and bus
    and cheaper
    and more fun

  14. velonerd l.a.

    Because unless you live really far from work, have a physical handicap, or you’re just afraid of the weather in your part of the world in the winter, why wouldn’t you ride a bike?

    There are at least gazillion (very scientific, i know) reasons to do it, and let’s see…….3 reasons not to!!

    Love the site. Keep it up!

  15. Arnie

    Fresh air, decent exercise, getting to work awake, and reduced stress levels are some reasons I ride my bike to work. Oh yeah… coming up with excuses to play with new bike gadgets like my new Dinotte rear light. This thing is bright!!

  16. Joel

    Can’t stand buses in the best situation, parking is expensive, and I love my bike.

  17. Quinn

    Biking- Good Mood

    and to add to the bus thing, my bikes are more reliable even when half broken down.

  18. Brendan

    Out of all the reasons I do it (environment, I hate driving in the city, fitness, fun, etc.), the main reason now is that I can’t make myself stop doing it. When I consider every other way of getting to work, it just makes the most sense. And it’s the fastest.

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