Advance Commuter Tip: Newspaper!

When I was a young pup, I couldn’t afford any type of winter clothing for cycling. So I resorted to using newspaper underneath my jersey as a way to keep warm during my rides. It was my step-brother that gave me this tip. He had seen pros do the same thing in old photos and videos of the Tour De France…back in the Eddy Merckx days.

What this does is soak up your sweat and prevent cold wind from touching your skin. All you have to do is fit a few pages on your front side(chest) and a couple more on your back. Generally, my legs don’t need them. But you can wrap sheets of paper around your thighs. Heck, if you want to impress the ladies, just stick a rolled up section down your shorts…

The only drawback to this technique…your skin will look like the Business Section of the paper. The ink gets absorbed and leaves an image of whatever was on the page you used. But don’t worry, it washes off!

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