Bar Hopping, complete!

I finished swapping my handlebars this weekend and rode about a dozen miles or so on it. It’s a fun ride and I can’t help but smile when I’m on the thing. The handlebars have two pretty distinctive hand positions. One is a little more upright on the grips. The second, is in the hooks, which actually provides a good aero and pretty powerful climbing position (you pull back on the bars to get more leverage).

I don’t know that I would recommend these bars for everyone because they do take some getting use to. They are pretty wide at 56cm. But if you can get over the initial shock of the width and accept you’re not going to win the local CAT 1 crit in your area, then give these a try. I think these bars make great commuting bars and touring bars. The extra width gives better control when you have a heavy load on the bike.

The one thing I am planning to change on this setup, are the brakes. I’m going to add a second set of cross-levers around the hooks, so when I’m tucked in I’ll have easy access to a set of brakes. I think by doing that, it will also clean up the cabling. You may also notice that the bars are flipped (upside down). I did this because it felt better in the hooks with the bars upside down (closer to what drops feel like), than the other way around with the bars sloping down toward your inner wrists. Downside, is that he bike just barely fits right. If you plan on doing this, make sure you either get a really long stem with lots of rise, or do it to a bike that is a size or two larger than your normal size.


  1. RL Policar

    That’s nice Russ. Looks all sophisticated and stuffs. What kind of bar tape are you using?

    I have my old moustache bars from my 925 that i’d like to install on my Xtracycling. But the bar diameter is much bigger than my brake/shifter levers would allow. Any suggestions?

  2. Ghost Rider

    Bore that stuff OUT! You need to remove 0.6mm of material from the inside of the clamps to make it work, and a flex hone often works like a charm for this kinda thing. Check Bike Tools, Etc. for flex hones (or your local autoparts store).

    It’s an ugly hack, mostly, but it CAN be done. I’ve done it to a couple of brake lever sets, and it doesn’t come out too bad….mostly.

  3. russ roca

    I’m using Cinelli cork bar tape and shellacing it….bug poop on everything….

    twined off with some hemp…

  4. Dennis

    Looks great? How about an up-close shot of the housing from the bar-end shifters through the cork grips?

  5. Ghost Rider

    +1 for a good cable-routing shot — I’m curious to see the details of how that is handled through the cork grips.

  6. Quinn

    this looks kool, my Jake just might get a new look.

    I hate mornings! I almost seriously asked if grip shift fit dirt-drops. someone hit me in the head!

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