Don’t tase me bro!

A 39-year-old Illinois man was Tased after he ran from police trying to stop him because he was riding a bicycle with improper lighting equipment, the Enterprise Record reported.

Police said when a Glenn County sheriff’s deputy got the attention of Omar Herrada Rivera, he jumped from his bike and started to run away, the newspaper reported.

After the deputy chased him half a block and warned the cyclist several times he would use the Taser, the deputy did, according to the report.

But police said the man did not receive a shock, the newspaper reported.

Police told the Enterprise Records the deputy’s use of the Taser was justified because the suspect was running toward a home.

Rivera was charged with resisting arrest, riding a bicycle without proper lighting, riding under the influence of alcohol and use of false citizenship/government documents.

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  1. Jerome

    IL man, but it happened in Hamilton City, CA outside Chico, north of Sacramento

  2. Paul

    A 39-year-old Illinois man was Tased after he ran from police

    Pithy part.

  3. Mike Myers

    I’m not for the haphazard use of Tasers, but this case is kind of unique. He’s a drunken illegal alien running from the police? How is the officer supposed to handle that? My dad was a Louisiana State Trooper, and they used nightsticks. Tasers are nicer.

  4. Moe

    I guess we should change the title to “No me chingues, hermano”…

  5. Marrock

    Beats a 9mm to the head any day of the week.

  6. Dominic Dougherty

    He should’ve chased him down and given him a hug.

  7. Quinn

    1. thr D***-a** ran from police.
    2. I agree with Marrock, 9mm or even bean bag/rubber bullet.

  8. John

    Was he not wearing a helmet and riding against traffic on the sidewalk on a bike 2 sizes to small for him? Hmm….?

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