Bicycle Safety Tips

Warm weather is just around the corner, and soon it will be time to dust off those bicycles. Here are some tips for safe riding:

Bicycle-Safety Tips

* Always use hand signals when turning at intersections. There’s nothing motorists pay more attention to than hand signals from bicyclists.
* Leaving your bike out in the ice and cold all winter may cause serious damage. But it makes a nice subject for the cover illustration of a short-fiction quarterly.
* Always wear a helmet. If this makes you uncomfortable, think of the helmet as a crown and yourself as King Dorko.
* Placing your feet firmly on the pedals of the bike will help reduce the “Wheee” sound emitted from your mouth while going downhill.
* Insist on a bicycle made of solid matter. Liquid and vapor bikes are a passing fancy; argon frames are particularly shoddy.
* Taking your bike in for a professional tune-up is a great way to waste $25.
* Be sure to wear your seatbelt, even if just biking down to the corner store.
* Fat-bottomed girls may be riding today, so look out for those beauties, oh, yeah.
* Visibility is crucial when biking. Ride with a lit highway flare in each hand.
* Every three to four weeks, lightly oil the chain. Then dip it in flour and fry it for a real taste treat.
* As soon as you buy a bike, talk to your friends about how great Shimano crank sets and STX hubs are.
* Does your city have adequate bike paths? If not, consider bitching about it to your local government for the next 40 years.
* If rich, spoiled Francis Buxton steals your bike, go on a hilarious and heartwarming journey through the American Southwest to get it back.
* Bike safety can never be stressed enough. If you doubt this, try stressing it as much as you possibly can. It won’t be enough–guaranteed.

Courtesy of The Onion


  1. Quinn

    you forgot to mention that keeping your hands on the bars while going downhill is a good idea too.

    Oh and I pray those “fat bottom girls” and sitting on a “granny seat”!

  2. db

    Awesome. I’m sure they’re down with the brakeless track-bike thing, too.

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