Comment of the week

“I’m surprised that saving money on gas and being better for the environment are at the bottom of the poll. WTF people? Yeah riding a bike is fun, we know that and we’ve known that since we were kids. Maybe it’s not sticking it to the oil companies since I bet a lot of you also drive monster SUVs/trucks but commuting by bike does make a statement and that should be first and foremost in out thoughts. Hey it’ll always be fun right?” -John

So here’s my 2 cents: My vote was that I do this for the fun of it (yeah, I do get to test some cool commuter stuff), but besides that… After riding my bike to work for over 3 years, I’ve learned that the thought of ‘making a statement’ in Los Angeles is muted by the car-loving, Escalade worshiping culture that reigns L.A. Gas prices don’t seem to take any effect on them neither, and I doubt that me riding my bike and smiling as I pass them thru traffic will make them think “Hey, that dude is doing something good for the environment”.

So what makes it fun? Passing all those cars that are stuck in Florence Blvd for 3 long blocks and smiling as I do so.