Jack’s Got a Walz Cap, Too!

Well, I figured I’d jump on the bandwagon and get me one of those dashing Walz Caps that everyone raves about.

Moe’s got one.

Jeff’s got one.

Lance has got one.

Russ has at least one…and probably more, since he’s the one who turned us onto them in the first place!

And now I have one:

Walz front view

The one I got is a lightweight cotton model…too warm here for wool. It’s black with a jaunty grey racing stripe down the middle. It fits like most cycling caps — snug without any binding or pressure. I have bone spurs in several neck vertebrae…as strangely as it sounds, baseball hats or most other headwear (except helmets, oddly enough) create tremendous pain, but I can happily say that this Walz Cap sits on my head like a feather, and I don’t feel any pain.

Where Walz has improved the traditional cycling cap is in the bill. All the vintage caps you see folks wearing these days often have a plastic insert to give the bill its shape, and these crack over time. Walz uses double layers of fabric and tight stitching to maintain the bill’s shape, and this is vastly superior. It also makes washing the cap that much easier (and less potentially damaging).

I also like the way that this cap fits under a helmet without me having to adjust my straps — and the cap helps banish “helmet hair”.

With the bill up or down, this cap is understated and stylish:

Bill up

As I wore this cap around and saw pictures of myself wearing it, I started to realize that I have a little bit of a Brad Quartuccio thing going on. Could we have been separated at birth?


Check out Walz Caps…they’ve got a snazzy cap for everyone out there. They’re inexpensive, well-made and individually crafted in the United States.


  1. Jeff the Veloteer

    I think it’s the mutton chops that really do it…

  2. RL

    Brad Q don’t got nothing on you! You’re more eye candy than he is Jack!

    “I have bone spurs in several neck vertebrae…” was that from your years of fighting in the Octagon?

  3. russ roca

    I’m little embarrassed to admit it but I own about 13 walz caps….I was buying their caps before they offered the larger size and before the blurb in Bicycling Magazine….

    I have two custom orange ones, a ton of wool ones, two corduroy and one cotton one.

    For me, the caps are understated and classy….the wool ones make great off the bike caps as well….i’ve been rocking the wool ones with the ear flaps on my morning rides…

    I’ve tried caps made by Pace and by Swerve and have found that I like Walz best…they have a style for everyone, from classy houndstooth and plaid patterns to racier ones with stripes….

    The price is right, the quality is great and so is the customer service…..probably why I have 13 of them….

  4. Mike Myers

    I have a bunch of Walz caps, too. I especially like my corduroy cap. The wool is nice and it’s comfortable for wear into the 80s, I think. Good product, and the only cap that fits my giant head.

  5. Ghost Rider

    Mike, we’re looking forward to pictures of your giant head!

    13 caps, eh? Wow! Corduroy sounds like a really cool material for one of those caps…looks like I’m gonna have to open my wallet again and buy another couple — I think corduroy or maybe a snazzy houndstooth number would look great with my Euro-style city bike.

    RL, thanks for the props. Yep, it was all those cage matches and fights to the death. They don’t call me “Flying Cone Wrenches of Fury” for nothin’!

  6. Marrock

    They need to make one in black and green.

  7. Quinn

    IM gonna have to get on board, I have 1 with that hard bill, and that’s what I don’t like about it. IM gonna have to email them about a reflective racing strip cap.

  8. Max

    I have one too.

  9. Jeff

    Thanks for the tip. I’ve been looking for something like this!

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