Moe’s grocery gitter

As Jack predicts for a European style bike to be the next fad, I have quickly jumped on the opportunity to be the one of the originators of the ‘European Style Grocery Gitter’ Trend.

I’ve been looking for a decent Vintage bike to convert, but with the Fixed Gear craze that doesn’t seem to fade, vintage bike prices are up there.

Moe’s Grocery Gitter

So I decided to convert the Breezer Villager 7 into my grocery gitter. Since the Villager 7 is already outfitted with fenders, chainguard, insect-like handlebars, bell, 7 speed Nexus hub, rear rack and a lighting system, all I had to do is add the Wald Baskets that Jack recommended.

Front Basket

Rear collapsible basket

I still need to buy the other rear collapsible basket and re-locate the front light.

Pooch not included.

I need to buy some food for my pooch tomorrow, so this will be the perfect maiden voyage for my ‘Grocery Gitter’.

Do you have a ‘Grocery Gitter’? If you do, send us your pictures, we would like to post them on the site!