Moe’s grocery gitter

As Jack predicts for a European style bike to be the next fad, I have quickly jumped on the opportunity to be the one of the originators of the ‘European Style Grocery Gitter’ Trend.

I’ve been looking for a decent Vintage bike to convert, but with the Fixed Gear craze that doesn’t seem to fade, vintage bike prices are up there.

Moe’s Grocery Gitter

So I decided to convert the Breezer Villager 7 into my grocery gitter. Since the Villager 7 is already outfitted with fenders, chainguard, insect-like handlebars, bell, 7 speed Nexus hub, rear rack and a lighting system, all I had to do is add the Wald Baskets that Jack recommended.

Front Basket

Rear collapsible basket

I still need to buy the other rear collapsible basket and re-locate the front light.

Pooch not included.

I need to buy some food for my pooch tomorrow, so this will be the perfect maiden voyage for my ‘Grocery Gitter’.

Do you have a ‘Grocery Gitter’? If you do, send us your pictures, we would like to post them on the site!


  1. Ghost Rider February 16, 2008 4:57 am 

    “You were into it before anybody!”

    My, that is a smart-looking rig. I love those Nexus hubs, and the black baskets are sleek…looking good, Moises!

    I need to figure out some sort of chainguard/chaincover for my bike…that’s really the only thing missing on mine, but I have to contend with a rear derailleur instead of an internal hub, so I’m gonna have to cobble something together.

  2. Justin February 16, 2008 10:30 am 

    My commuter has been looking like this for a while. I’ll get a picture and post it soon.

  3. Rick February 16, 2008 5:56 pm 

    I went grocery shopping yesterday. Among the things I bought were a 20 pack of Coors, 24 rolls of toilet paper and a pack of 126 diapers. As I pulled up to my house, my neighbor said I should take a picture of the bike.

    I now wish I would have. my grocery gitter is pretty boring without the groceries.

  4. Ghost Rider February 16, 2008 6:08 pm 

    Rick, send a picture anyway…we’d like to document our readers’ utility rigs because they are such a great idea!!!

  5. RL Policar February 17, 2008 8:18 am 

    I’m sorry guys, but front baskets are not my favorite. They make a bike all squirly. My daughter has one on her daily commuter and when she loads it up with her books and lunch, she has a harder time controlling the bike.

  6. Ghost Rider February 17, 2008 8:32 am 

    It really depends on the bike and the mounting position of the basket. French porteurs back in the day all had a low platform or basket over the front wheel — coupled with slack headtube angles, this made for a very stable load-hauler. Check out some pictures here:

    The same goes with modern bikes — it really depends on what the angles are and how close you can get the bottom of the basket to the top of the front tire. A cruiser would be a better candidate than a racier bike. For loading: heavy stuff on the bottom, lighter things near the top and all is well.

    Another trick might be to try wider handlebars. This seems to help control the squirrellyness (sp?) a lot more.

  7. Rick February 17, 2008 1:11 pm 

    I would like to think I am not an idiot, but I am not sure. I have been looking for about ten minutes, and cannot find an email address to send the pictures to. Any help?

  8. Ghost Rider February 17, 2008 2:30 pm 

    You can click on the text just below the “Just Ask Jack” photo in the right-hand column, or email stuff to

  9. Moe February 17, 2008 5:52 pm 

    I have restored the About Us page, there you can find email addresses for any of the Bike Commuters Crew.

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