Yuba Mundo is HERE!

The Yuba Mundo arrived at the World Headquarters a few days ago and I took a few snap shots of the frame. The Mundo arrives practically in pieces, but somehow they all managed to fit it all in one box. We received the 6 speed model and its blue, my favorite color!
yuba mundo

I’ll be building this bike up and once its done I’ll post some photos.

We’ll be reviewing this bike and testing the cargo capacity of it…so I’ll need some volunteers to be my passenger.


  1. Aaon

    Thats gonna be a great ride, looking forward to it!

  2. Ghost Rider

    Any idea of what you’re going to use as far as carrying bags?

    Looking forward to the reviews and tests…and since you’re coming from Xtracycle experience, see if you can compare the two systems.

  3. cafn8

    I’m always a bit skeptical when I see the phrase “one size fits all.” That’s a nice looking rig, though. I’d be interested to see how it fits a freakishly tall guy like myself. I suppose the slack angle of the seat tube would help add more length for those of us in the mid 6′ range. Still, I was never quite satisfied with “one size fits all” frames. (Spinning bikes come to mind.)

  4. Ben C

    I am willing to volunteer. Let me know when you are ready to test. I am about 160lbs.

  5. Sal

    I checked out in person The Surly Big Dummy and it was incomplete and only supports 200 Lbs besides my 6′ 2″ 220 Lbs slim but sturdy weight. Its tough and great for a tour but even in person I was a bit “So So” about it due to the rack not coming with the bike and looked like you got a half bike for three times the price. I did like the Kona in person and its great for shopping I just didn’t like the fact that the wheel were the weird 29 inch which I see as a trend novelty in passing. I also checked out in person several other cargo bikes because I started having the expectation of placing a small house on the dam thing. And then there she was, online a complete one, like a freaking monster with its freaky freak out carrot colors. I was thinking about doing a world tour and living on the rim for a while. After finding out about the Yuda Mundo I found two dealers off of manufacturer web site ( one in Brooklyn and one in The Village in Manhattan. So I went to the Brooklyn store the next day and it was just then that my brain boiled in my skull and my head exploded and after the wrenching pain faded some what and with the little brain tissue I had left I uttered two words: “WoW.” The frame can hold up to 460 Lbs and looks it but not bulky or heavy. Its very well made its can free stand upright vertically on three round curves projecting elegantly off its permanently and secuely welded monster rake like a park bench. The rear wheel has 48 spokes and an average bike wheel only has 32 or 34 spokes per wheel. There were enough spokes in the rear wheel to build two wheels. With some BMX components with 26″ wheels with big ass box rims with really totally crappy Shimano and a hammer weight steel crank which I didn’t like. You may want to flip all the components but keep the wheels they will be a pain in the neck to flip due to the amount of spokes which does work. For a fully built bike for a thousand dollars you’ll get four times the bike in comparison to the Surly but I think I had an organism in my eyes when I saw the Mundo with its insanely fat heavy gauge tubes. I really enjoyed talking dirty bike talk to you but gotta ride and have fun. Ciao..

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