Do you have a youngin’ that likes to ride bikes?

I posted a review of the Chariot Catch’em on It’s a great way to take your kids to school, or just spend time riding bikes!


  1. Rick

    You have already seen my daughters in the grocery gitter threads. The oldest is ready for one of these types of bikes.

    Here are my requirements: Quality and gears. That’s it. Would this be better than the Adams Trail-a-bike I was planning on buying when the weather finally breaks?

  2. Will

    this post is completely unrelated to the topic at hand, but i figured no one would mind too much. i was a smoker for years and quit for a solid year, maybe a little more. recently ive been going through some rough times and, as they say, “a smoker is always a smoker when the chips are down.” i was wondering if anyone in this community is a former smoker with advice on quitting. i am worried that it will affect my riding. whats the best way to approach quitting?

  3. Lance

    Will, I’m not sure what amount you smoke, but I was a one pack a week guy for a solid year. After I started riding, I’d get to where my chest was killing me and I had no stamina. Graduallly I’d just have to leave the sticks alone and starting weening myself off them. Mostly because I didn’t want to be in pain on every ride.

    If you are a one pack a day kind of guy, I’m not sure this method would work though. I never progressed that far so I’ll let someone else chime in for that situation. I used to thoroughly enjoy them but now I can’t imagine going back. Good luck!

  4. Ghost Rider

    Rest assured, smoking WILL affect your riding, and everything else you do, too.

    I smoked a pack or more a day for over 20 years. Willpower is ultimately the only thing that works — I tried the patches, the gum, hypnosis, etc. and always found a way back to cigarettes.

    I did have some success with Zyban, though. It killed a lot of the cravings, but you still have to work on finding distractions in order to be truly successful.

    Exercise is a greatmotivator, too. A friend of mine was doing 20 pushups every time he had a craving, and after doing 4 or 5 hundred a day at first his body started to rebel and he was able to quit over time.

  5. Rick

    I was a pack a day smoker for about 15 years. I quit the day after my daughter was acting like a sucker stick was a cigarette.

    Chantix helped, but read up on it before deciding if it is for you. It can really mess with you. I actually miss the crazy dreams.

    Doing stuff can help. I bought three different bikes from VOA and created one decent bike.

    But, what really helped was wanting to quit. I tried so many times to quit before, but never really wanted to do so. This time, I wanted to.

  6. Will

    thanks everyone, your advice is amazing. im glad im not the only cyclist out there who happens to be a former smoker too.

  7. Mike

    Have a cigarette! I’ve smoked 1+ packs/day for 40+ years and commuted 16+ miles/day(currently on my new Specialized Allez) for 12+ years with no health issues or “shortness of breath”. I love riding and enjoy cigarettes – they aren’t incompatible.

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