Driver who killed boy on bike may have been texting

This is a pretty sad story that gets me really upset. I can’t believe how stupid people can be.

HUNTINGTON BEACH – A 20-year-old Huntington Beach man may have been texting on his cell phone, negotiating a drug deal, about the same time he crashed his truck into 14-year-old bicyclist Danny Oates last fall, according to court



  1. Moe

    It pisses me when I see some dork text messaging or using the stupid ‘walkie-talkie’ function of their phones. They totally forget how to drive, they are real danger to cyclists, pedestrians and other drivers. Hopefully this will change on July 1st, when the new cellphone law comes into effect.

  2. Ghost Rider

    The new law is only as good as its enforcement. I really don’t think you’ll see a difference in motorist behavior.

    Take, for example, the Florida three-foot law…cars still buzz me all the time, and I have yet to hear any motorist charged with violating it.

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