Moe, RL and MTV

What do all three have in common? A three wheeled contraption called KMX Karts…Moe and I along with a our friend Scott, spent yesterday with an MTV Show called Parental Control. I wrote a report chock full of photos from the festivities on


  1. Aaon

    Yeah, great and all but you don’t say a thing about the carts.
    This is a bike site not a gossip blog, yeah?
    We want a real review, did you actually get on one of those things for any length of time? Hows she go?

  2. RL

    Hi A,

    I’m not sure if you caught on, but I wasn’t there to talk about the KMX Karts, it was to mention our invovlement with the show. We’ve had these KMX Karts for a while now and have mentioned them numerous times on both BikeCommuters and Randy was commuting with the KMX Kart in Yuma, Az…

  3. RL

    Here’s some references from BC
    Some on

    Mind you some of these pictures were deleted by our hacker.

  4. Aaron

    my bad.
    thanks RL

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