Tandem Riding Again

Sunday morning Priscilla and I hit the road with our tandem. I installed some semi-slicks and a new handlebar for her in the back. But at one point, an old knee injury that I have started acting up. So we tried to go slower, but we ended up switching places. Not such a bad view if you ask me. Priscilla did have a harder time trying to drive and balance the bike with my big butt in the back. However, after a while, she was able to get the hang of it. It helped that I stopped looking over her shoulder to see where we were going. When I did that, the bike would get squirrely.

We had two reasons to ride the tandem that morning, one was to get some exercise in and the other to get some coffee at Starbucks. We stopped off at this one shopping center where they had these statues of kids playing with the water hose. Brea is actually known to be a big supporter of art throughout the city. If you drive or ride around enough, you’ll see sculptures and statues everywhere.

We rode through parts of Brea and Fullerton. Once we got to Tri-City park we saw a goose harrassing this guy walking. You’ll see right above my shoulder in the picture a white goose that kept following the man and squawking at the same time. The gentleman had a sense of humor and started calling it “Betty” as they walked.

Random shot of the lake.

On our way home, we came up on my favorite bike lane. Look how big it is!

All in all a great ride. I still need to install a cyclo-meter and find out about our distance and speed. But for now, we’re just enjoying every opportunity to ride.

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