Tampa Downtown Partnership interviews Jack

No, not Jack Nicholson,

Our own Jack Sweeney aka “Ghost Rider”!

Jack was interviewed by the Tampa Downtown Partnership newsletter, the article is called “BayCycle 2008: Peddling Success”. You can read it here (just scroll down a bit).

Congrats to Mr. Ghost Rider, we are lucky to have ‘bike celebrities’ of his caliber on our team!


  1. RL Policar

    Wow…when you get become a big commuter super star, I can say… “I know Jack, we’re like this (crossing my fingers to symbolize BFF’s!)”

  2. Ghost Rider

    Thank, boyz…it’s tough being a celebrity, but I do what I can!!

    I was hoping the article would pimp our website a bit more, but I’m not complaining…there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

  3. RL Policar

    Unless they post that old Christmas pic of you….

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