Times Square blast possibly caused by a cyclist

Law enforcement officials tell ABC News that a single, small improvised device was tossed, apparently by a man on a bike, at the armed forces booth in Times Square early this morning, causing the center of midtown Manhattan to be locked down and subways to be diverted but no major property damage.

Sources tell ABC News that the device was made from a green ammunition can filled with explosive powder. It blew out the lower part of the glass — it’s being described as a “low explosive.”

Witnesses staying at a Marriott hotel four blocks away told The Associated Press they heard, and felt the blast.

“I was up on the 44th floor and I could feel it. It was a big bang,” Darla Peck, 25, of Portland, Ore., told the AP.

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  1. Ghost Rider

    “This bike is a pipe bomb!”

  2. Quinn

    Bike Bomber- just one more issue we have to battle.

  3. aidan

    Hmmm… Car bombs are lit by ‘terrorists’, but bike bombs are lit by ‘cyclists’.

    The other distinction is that car bombs kill civilians, but that bomb attacked the military during an illegal and illegitimate war.

  4. Eric

    …and so another cycle of terror begins…

  5. Smudgemo

    Aside from tempers, at least nothing blew up in Berkeley…

  6. Fritz

    There’s some irony in protesting a war by using violence. Anyways…

    Why is this worth mention on a bike site? Do motorist enthusiast websites post an article every time some wahoo crashes his car into a storefront or gas station or auto parts store or bank?

  7. Ghost Rider

    I think the point was intended to be “as if cyclists don’t have enough to worry about — now we might be viewed as potential terrorists every time we lock up our bikes in front of a building”.

    A couple days ago, we were merely the scourge of motorists everywhere. Today we’re a bunch of violent terroristic boogeymen. We just can’t win!

  8. Moe
  9. db

    Oh, that “list of demands” from the BikeSnob is pure comedy gold.


  10. Fritz

    Bike Snob can take any news item and make it bikey fun. That’s different.

    I guess the larger question that I hinted at: do motorists worry about their image because they kill over 40,000 people every year in the US? Does the news coverage of a “bike terrorist” impact how the general public views cyclists? If so, how do we change that? Or are we interested in changing that? Brian quipped that the idea of a bomb-equipped cyclist means we’ll “get a bit more slack from motorists.”

  11. Ghost Rider

    Oh, because WE’RE not funny and BSNYC IS, that makes it different?!? Horseshit.

    Fact of the matter is we don’t really like to limit the stuff we present to our readers. We’ll let them decide what is topical or not, and they can choose to read it or not, regardless of the lack of “real” humor.

    Besides, our reader Eric presented pure comedy gold with his quote “…and so another cycle of terror begins…”

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  13. AngryAnt

    I can see the point of posting this. Bikes have greater access to soft targets for the delivery of bombs and are fairly untraceable; ride up toss a bomb at a desired target ride away then ditch the bike. Basically a bike is a perfect facade for a bomb: hollow steel to hide bomb materials, fragible metal frame, easy to hide wiring or timing device.

    I am in SoCal (RSM) so from my point of view: they could quit letting me take my bike on the train or bus, parking in my work place, require bikes are parked in parking lots away from people and building, shipping bike frames would be like shipping my fav ammo (slow with added expense), what about taking a bike on a plane.

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