Wanted: NYC Bicycle Commuters

The staff at Bikecommuters.com was recently contacted by Matthew Ides, graduate student and researcher at Hunter College. He is conducting a survey that looks at the “imageability of the Daily Bicycle Commuter in New York City” :

In a city that is dominated by the automobile I want
to find out how its residents who use other modes of
transportation actually view the built environment.
While all forms of transit modes could be studied, I
find that this small minority (0.5% of residents who
commute by bike) would make for an interesting study.
The sole purpose is to record the subjective
perspective (mental image/imageability) New York City
bicycle commuters have of the build environment, good
or bad, through a survey. The survey is 23 questions
and will take less than 10 minutes to complete. No
compensation will be provided for participation in
this study.

If you are a commuter in New York City and would like to participate in this survey, point your browser to the Hub and Spokes survey site, located HERE.

NYC bike lanes
photo courtesy of Bike Snob NYC

For more information about the study, please visit the Hub and Spokes Blog or you can contact Matthew directly at (917) 627-4445/mides@hunter.cuny.edu .

Thanks for participating, and good luck to Matthew – I hope we’ve been able to help with your project!

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