How to avoid being smelly when you get to your destination?

One of the biggest problems that people tend to look at is the idea of getting sweaty an stinky after a bike ride. I think this has to be one of the turn-offs that people have with bike commuting.

At most of my jobs, there were no showers available. I would usually bring wash cloths and soap as well as cologne with me when commuting. That way I was able to wash my self up on the sink and wipe down. That usually kept me feeling pretty fresh. But I am curious to know how you folks get cleaned up and fresh for work?

I’ve even solicited the help of our own Russ Roca to shed some light on how he stays smelling nice and clean after riding his bike 40+ miles to meet up with his clients. I’m hoping he’ll be able to share how he does this because I’d like to know!

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