A bikeshare slideshow…

Just wanted to share a slideshow of some selects from a recent shoot I did with the City of Long Beach and Bikestation. The goal was to get some good lifestyle images of people enjoying themselves on a bike, riding in the street and using the new facilities. Hopefully the images will get people interested in the program. I really wanted to show people in business attire having a good time on bike, dispelling the myth that “normal” people don’t ride and also emphasizing that you can incorporate bike use into your regular day (utilitarian cycling).


  1. Shanyn

    But you have perpetuated the myth that only “young” women ride- I saw older guys but no professionally dressed women in their late 40’s+. This is a very small subgroup, but prime candidates to become bike commuters- needing exercise, old enough that they probably don’t have kids to haul around, etc.

  2. Russ Roca (Post author)

    There was an older woman in the slideshow.

    In a best case scenario I would have everyone represented.

    The reality of the situation was that I was using real city employees who took time off their busy schedules. I had them on rotating shifts so they could get back to work.

    I didn’t have a casting call or a focus group, I just played the cards that were dealt.

  3. Greg Raisman

    Some really great shots in there, Russ.

    Also, those purple bike lockers are sweet. Do you know what brand those are (is there a name tag on them?)?

  4. Dominic Dougherty

    You didn’t have any midgets or black people in the shots! What’s wrong with you Russ? I didn’t see any Thai or Cambodians represented, and it seems as though you left out Aborigenes and communists.

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