Biker Justice

One of our friends from Evomo wrote an interesting post, he was basically struggling between ‘The thin line between biker justice and vigilantism’:

A couple of months ago the shop I ride out of here in PHX, Focus Cyclery had their doors busted in and three high-end Cannondales stolen. One of them showed up a couple weeks later on EBay but was sold too quick and the other two had yet to be found….

As I pull in and swing my car to the air pump I see a Cannondale hard tail chained up to a tree with a cheap cable lock securing it. The wife runs in to get some quarters and I move over out of sight to see the bike. As I get close I see it’s a team edition carbon fiber Taurine.

The rep confirmed that there where only four of those frames in the state so this had to be the stolen one. Now here comes the moral dilemma, do I A) Let it go. B) Call the cops and hope they actually do something about it. Or C) Go vigilantly and “reclaim? the bike for God and Country?

Read the entire post here to see what he did…

So, what would you do? A, B or C?