Road Rash Repair Kit: First Impressions

A while back I talked about the Road Rash kit and how we thought it was a great idea, but didn’t want to get hurt in order to review it. Well over at, Priscilla had the privilege to test it out due to a bad fall on her recent mountain bike race, in which she placed 3rd by the way…
road rash kit

Read more about it HEREwarning, pictures on that article are just as gross as the one above!


  1. Jamis_Bater

    I’ve used a similar bandage before. Another benefit to it is reduced pain. The bandage is somewhat thick and really allows you to move freely, brush up against things, and get bumped without sending you into all sorts of pain. Similar to how moleskin will cover up a blister.

    That photo was a real kicker.

  2. joel

    My question about the kit is still the same one I had when I first saw it (here or where ever, I don’t remember). Namely: why buy an overpriced pre-made kit when most of the stuff is available at any drug store?

  3. Wayne Myer

    @Joel: really? Are large dressings/bandages available? And which drug store chains have you seen with the dressings? I’d buy the kit just to have a convenient, ready-to-rock kit. But if there are large dressings at the drug store, even cooler to DIY a crash kit.

  4. db

    Tagaderm/Tagasorb hydrocolloid dressings from 3M are similar. I used these this summer after I slid through a turn.

    Like Priscilla’s experience with the Reliamed dressings, I saw a lot of oozing the first couple days. So I would recommend putting a sleeve or bandage over the dressings during the initial 48 hours or so. That will prevent some unappetizing stains on work clothes, pajamas, etc.

  5. Priscilla

    I’ve seen these dressings online but it should would be more convenient to go pick it up locally. Would I be able to pick these up at the local drug store? I was going to call around the area this afternoon…..

  6. db

    Yeah, I picked them up at either RiteAid or Albertson’s, Priscilla.

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