Pooch Day at Work

Well I am pretty lucky that our office has a very relaxed vibe on Friday’s and we have decided to proclaim every Friday as “Bring Your Pooch to Work Day!” With the weather as beautiful as it has been I could not pass at the opportunity to also make it a commute to work on bike with my pooch day!!

This was made possible with our Tagalong Pet Bicycle Basket. Cowboy just looovveees this basket. I have never seen him so relaxed for such a long period of time. He hops in the basket and makes himself comfortable for the long ride. And he just pasivly watches everything that we pass by. No issues with him trying to jump out of the basket either!

The morning starts off with loading Cowboy in the basket and Aleah on the Xtracycle. Aleah just loves the bike ride to school. From there Cowboy and I were off to work! I REALLY enjoyed the ride to work today. It was very relaxing and it sure was nice to have the extra company on my short trip. I was even able to bring my home brewed Starbucks coffee with me today in my cup holder on my handle bar. Very nice. πŸ™‚

Apple, Mia, and Cowboy. Oh yeah, and the co-workers. πŸ™‚

The workplace felt like an animal house today. Dogs everywhere! lol. Running every which way, playing, barking, chasing after each other. It was a lot of fun. It felt like a family gathering! hahaha.

Klyie and Cowboy, scoping things out.

The basket was a hit with the other pooch’s. Here’s Mia relaxing in the basket.

We had so much fun with the 4 legged friends. Since it was Good Friday the co-workers and I decided to walk the poochs over to the local Cantina and share some margaritas on the outside patio. πŸ™‚ Great way to cap off a beautiful day. And don’t worry, I only had ONE margarita today. I am a responsible rider. πŸ˜‰ Hope you all had a great Friday!!!


  1. RL Policar

    Man I’m super jealous!

  2. Ghost Rider

    I thought you were kidding about “bring your pooch to work day” the other day when the original impressions of the dog-carrier were posted. Holy cow, that’s cool!

    Say, do you HAVE to have a chihuahua to work at your office? I see at least three pocket-sized rat dogs in the pictures (Cowboy included).

  3. Priscilla

    lol. Just coincidence i guess that most of us have small dogs. The biggest one there today was a Golden Retriever (Kylie). I think next week one of the co-workers is going to bring in her bunny too! hahaha.

  4. greendog

    Is your workplace hiring??? What an awesome idea to boost morale around the office. By the way, I have a chihuahua. Should I put that on the resume?

  5. KingSlug

    First let me say that I love dogs, I have 2 Aussie Shepards: one a semi-retired SAR and the other is a fatal white that is deaf and blind because of a bad breeder.

    I would hate it if people brought their dogs to work. Besides the drain on resources and lost man hours as people talk about their dogs or are taking them on walkies, what about people with allergies, of liability if someone gets a dog bite. Its like take your kid to work day but worse from a production stand point. I have worked a few places where we had a shop dog, but that was the owners dog. I even had my dog with me at work once when we were placed on a SAR alert and I had to get to work, but she is a well trained working dog that often works off leash, is always at the heel, responds only to german, can be placed on stay for a few hours and would have to be dragged out of my cube by anyone but me.

    Most people have little or no control over their dogs, if you take them out of their yards or homes they are at a huge disadvantage and liable to get hurt themselves or others.

  6. Fritz

    We have dogs roaming around at my office. I’d bring my dog to work, but 50 lb Chow/Shepard mixes aren’t allowed on the bus that I take on part of my commute, though all the homeless people get away with it by claiming their their mangy junkyard dogs are their service animals.

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