New to bike commuting? Here are a few tips

Charlotte Watson left the following comment:

Hey guys.
I’m new to cycling and have just bought a 1970’s schwinn Free Spirit touring bike and will be riding my bike in excruciating heat this summer commuting to work and back (about 3+ miles each way)

What advice could you give to a new cyclist? I’ve been riding almost everyday and am still having a hard time keeping up.

I believe that preparation and planning is the key to a smooth bike commute. Here’s my bike commuting ritual

The Night before my morning commute:

1. Check the weather forecast
2. Prepare my clothes for work and for my commute.
3. Check my bicycle for any punctures or loose spokes

The morning of my commute:

1. Check the weather
2. Check my bike again
3. Make sure I have water

Riding back from work:
1. Check the bike
2. Make sure I have water

As far as riding in the heat, drink plenty of water and carry sunblock. Riding will become easier as you keep riding, don’t give up!!!