2nd Annual Urban Commuter Expo: will be there!

We are really happy that C.I.C.L.E. is organizing this event once again. Last year RL and I had the opportunity to be a part of this event that celebrates bike commuting. Not only did we get a chance to meet and greet people, this was the even where we had first met Russ Roca.

So if you’re going to be in the Pasadena area in May, come by, chit chat, get some free commuter goods from us and enjoy the show.

Did I mention that there’s no attendance fee? That’s right, its FREE! Come and check it out and support CICLE by buying lots of raffle tickets!

Here’s a description on the event:

The Urban Bicycle Commuter Expo on Saturday, May 17, will boast a wealth of exhibitors focused on encouraging bicycling for transportation. Local Pasadena area bike shops, bike manufacturers, accessory manufacturers and local advocacy groups will come together to present the latest bicycles, fashion, and gear emerging from the ultra-hot urban bike commuter scene. Experience how-to workshops on bike maintenance, bike commuting, and apparel clinics. Entertainment will include live-music, DJs, and the BIKE chic fashion show.

For more information, check you!


  1. Ghost Rider

    Does this mean you want your banner back? I still have it from the last event I did over here…

  2. Moe (Post author)

    We are planning to get a new one with our logo. Keep it and place it in front of your house, fraternity house style..

  3. Ghost Rider

    That’s cool…

    I’ve been wearing the banner as a skirt during local World Naked Bike Rides…the Tampa police won’t let us go totally naked. You might not actually want the original banner back after all that!

  4. Ben C

    Let me guess…its got road marks and smudges!!

  5. Ghost Rider

    Something like that…

    If you ride a fixed gear, you’re gonna leave skid marks!

  6. RL Policar

    Oh Jack, before we sent that to you, I too ran around with it around my waist…

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