Redline 925, going back to the basics.

When I first got my Redline 925, I immediately stripped off all the accessories like mustache bars, fenders and chain guide. Then I went with the whole fixie trend and installed a pair of home made bull horns and eventually I swapped those for a riser bar and one brake.

But as of late, I’m not so keen on that fixie look any more and reinstalled the fenders and rear brake. I did swap out the riser bar for a flat Ritchey bar and a 100m Ritchey stem.

I don’t know what it is, but something about fenders really give a bike a very handsome look.

You see that orange thing between the brake and the fender. Thats a Bontrager Buzzkill rubber grommet. Originally these fenders came with a mounting bracket that would hold the fender and bolt on to the back of the brakes. But since I was missing that piece, I needed something to dampen the vibration and prevent it from rubbing. It’s in there pretty good so it’s not going anywhere.

I’m using some Avid brake levers with some Specialized Silk Braided Housing…not steel braided, but Silk….Oh and I added a bell!


  1. Ghost Rider

    Is it really silk, or is that just the model name?

    The bike looks good with fenders. Why the flat bar, though? Aren’t risers a bit more comfortable? I think the bike would look good with drops, too.

  2. Arnie

    That Redline looks great with the fenders but what is that white object next to the reflector on the front spoke?

  3. RL Policar (Post author)

    I don’t think its really silk…its probably some synthetic material like polyester. I’ve never been a fan of drops…I have a pair in the garage but decided to pass on it. Lance’s 925 has drops.

    I went wit the flat bar just because I wanted to keep the stem and bar matching.

    Arnie, that my friend is my handy dandy LED Spoke light

  4. Jamis_Bater

    I have been thinking about fenders for a while now. Problem is my commuter is also my weekend-warrior bike. I can’t roll up to the group ride with fenders and a rack. My wife says it looks like “An old man’s bike” with the rack on it already. So until I get another bike for the club ride, I may not be getting those fenders. Does that make me a total poser?

  5. RL Policar (Post author)

    Oh yeah…big time poser…

    Jk! I know what you mean JB. But you know, I’ve gone mountain biking with my Xtracycle with my bags and stuff.


  6. Jamis_Bater

    You know showing up in a dual fendered rig complete with rack, trunk bag, light kit, and mirror, just may be the ticket. If I’m slow I can blame it on all the gear, if I keep pace with the pack it’ll only demoralize all the gram-aphobes in the pack.

    I’ll do it.

  7. Elizabeth

    I just got my “new” commuter up and running…. similar ‘look’ to your Redline, but it’s an old resurrected black Schwinn frame. It’d still be nice to add some fenders, too.

  8. RL Policar (Post author)

    I think my next move should be some sort of basket for this bike…

  9. Ghost Rider

    Basket — YES!

    Jamis — check out this article:

    It lets you have fenders when you need ’em, sleek aerodynamics when you don’t. You can apply the same quick-release system for a rack, too (as long as you have mounting eyelets for both rack and fenders).

  10. Hilton Meyer

    Looks really sweet. I agree on the fenders, looking at making some wooden fenders. They look uber classy

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