Commuter Racing bike

I was inspired by our guest article “Commuter Racing by Jack Elder” and I dusted off my Ibex X-ray Cyclocross Single Speed bike.

My only problem is that I have no one to race with! The Messican dudes riding their Huffys on the sidewalks don’t really count. (Although I had a few that tried to keep up with me)

So what’s my solution? Time Trial! Today was a great day, I hit very few red lights and I had a slight tail wind so I was able to shave off 6 minutes on my way home. (Can’t really time trial on the way to work, no showers!) The next step is to replace the front ring with a 42 instead of the 38 that I’m currently riding with or I may install the 9 speed Dura-Ace derailleur/shifter/cassette for a 1X9 set up, I know those parts are in my garage somewhere…


  1. Jack

    Glad to have provided some inspiration for the daily ride. Personally, I favour a somewhat cyclocr0ssed-up (well, I’ve put on those secondary brake levers on the tops) Planet-X Kaffenback. Fast, nippy, solid, and was relatively inexpensive to put together (back when I still had money, before we had kids ;). Details are available here:

  2. Ghost Rider

    I never have anyone to race against on the way home, so that’s exactly what I do: time trial!

  3. Jamis_Bater

    I sometimes pass Mormon Missionaries on bikes. I’ve been tempted to say “if you catch me you can convert me.” Because that would be so rude and tacky I won’t do it of course, but I also fear that it would be just my luck that Cat 1 racer from Utah would be doing his Mission time in my town and catch me like a cheetah taking down a baby warthog.

  4. Quinn

    for the first year or so after I got back on the bike “how fast can I get there?” and “how much faster can I get?” are the two things that motivated me to get on and stay on the bike”

  5. RL Policar

    I gave up that “how fast can I get there” a long time ago. When you’re in a rush you tend to make mistakes. All I know is, I have to be at my destination by a certain time. So I make sure I leave early enough to enjoy the ride.

  6. Moe (Post author)

    That’s why I do my ‘Time Trial’ on the way back home. I don’t really have to be there at a certain time. Safety is first obviously, I usually hammer on the river trail or the wide streets.

  7. Ghost Rider

    I save my ‘time trials’ for the way home, too. I ‘ve got the streets more or less to myself (I commute home after 9:00PM), and I don’t have to worry about being sweaty or totally wiped out when I get there.

    I take it easy on the way TO work, though.

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