Headwind sucks!

The other day I rode my Xtracycle to church. Little did I know that it was super windy that morning. Church is about 10-12 miles away from my home. I loaded up my Xtracycle with all my gear and headed out.

Being that the Xtracycle is heavier than my Redline 925, I expected to get to my destination in about 45-50 minutes.

But what I didn’t take into consideration was this crazy wind! I’m not sure how fast the wind was blowing but all I know was by the time I got to Disneyland, I was mashing the pedals just to move. So my bike commute that was supposed to last no longer than an hour, ended up being about an hour ten.

The funny thing was, I rode my bike with my head and shoulders as low as I can get them. But it didn’t seem like it was helping. Perhaps if I get a skin suit, a time trial helmet…my my favorite cycling team…Rock Racing…then maybe that would have helped my commute…

I’d like to know if there’s a way to ride through headwind without having to get a silly looking fairing on my bike?


  1. Mike

    Easy. Make sure you are going downhill.

  2. Daniel James

    Hey I’m not the only one with a Ibex RSR. I guess that confirms that putting an xtracycle on it is possible 🙂

  3. Moe

    I have one too, check out and search for MUTT.

  4. Gabriel

    Because of my location and climate, I frequently get a strong (12-18 mph, sometimes more when the afternoon thunderstorms are rolling in) headwind on the way home at certain times of year.

    Riding with my hands together and forearms on the bars (I have a flat-handlebar bike) gives me another mph or two… other than this and motorpacing, all I know to do is grind it out!

  5. Val

    You have the right idea in getting as low as you can; if you really think it isn’t helping, sit back up and see what happens. Aside from that, your best tool for cutting through a headwind is attitude. Visualize yourself as one of those salmon leaping up the rapids of a raging river, or one of the bulls in Pamplona scattering townspeople left and right as he charges down the street. Make the wind your opponent in the racemuting match; call it names, taunt it, call it out- “That all you got?! I’m still moving, you pathetic little breeze!” If you still feel like it’s too much for you, try thinking of Jill, up in Alaska: and
    She does this stuff for fun! Whenever I feel like complaining about any sort of weather, I just think of her, and tell myself to man up, and deal with it. She’s a constant inspiration.

  6. Quinn

    12,15,18 mph is common here in Reno, try 40 mph, Uphill is torture, down is hella fun!

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