Sette MK SPD Sandals

A while back Alan Barnard wrote a review on the Keen Commuter Sandal. So many folks showed interest in it that I decided to look for a cheaper alternative since the Keen’s retail for $115 at places like REI.

Well you’re in luck, our Team Sponsor, sells a very similar sandal called the Sette MK SPD sandal.

Sette MK SPD Sandals – Relax or Ride in Style

The SPD-compatible Sette MK sandals let you relax or ride in style. Dual hook & loop straps keep you in control and are padded to provide comfort. The contoured semi-rigid sole of the Sette MK Sandals give you the optimum balance of stiffness for biking or hiking. The soft rugged outsole gives you traction wet or dry.

If my biking budget wasn’t already spoken for…I would have bought these.

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  1. cafn8

    Hmm, 30 bucks? It’s usually hard to find anything that accepts a cleat for less that twice that.

  2. meli

    good price, but they are pretty ugly. I guess if I had to bike in sandalicious (Austin, i havent forgotten about u) I’d rather wear Chacos or Birkenstocks. good catch though –

  3. Franky

    Thanks for the tip. Reasonable priced bike sandals are difficult to find. I just ordered them…

  4. Mike Myers

    I’d be a bit worried about my feet if I crashed while wearing sandals. Goodbye toe skin….

  5. RL Policar

    I’d probably only wear these if I’m going on short daunts around the neighborhood. Almost all of my bikes have SPD pedals…

  6. John Walters

    Too bad these sandals don’t come in larger sizes. I need a 48 or, even better, 49. Are they available elsewhere?

  7. Dave

    The Keens have toe protection, a major consideration in my not always humble opinion.

  8. Stan Walerczyk

    I got a pair of the Sette sandals last year and wear all of the time it is warm enough. They are great in the hot summer.

  9. grape

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