Green Tuesday: A simple way for companies to go “Green”

I found a great at about incentive programs that companies can take to lessen their carbon foot print.

Biking to and from the office is also gaining popularity: “We give out a bicycle to everyone who has worked at the company for at least one year,” says Bryan Simpson of New Belgium Beer in Fort Collins, Colorado. The environmentally driven brewery, which runs on the power of wind turbines, has seen more employees biking than your average brewery and even hosts a philanthropic bike festival called the Tour de Fat, which celebrates bicycling as a viable form of transportation.

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  1. Jamis_Bater

    I’ve been getting quite a few questions from non-cycling coworkers lately about bike commuting. I work for a company of about 1,000 employees. I’m going to be meeting with our leaders within the next week to see how we can promote cycling and maybe participate corporately in Bike to Work Week. Wish me luck.

    I work for a religious non-profit organization which has a pay scale a bit lower than the average. So the costs of food rising and gas rising is putting quite the squeeze on wallets. Folks who would not be considered cyclists, let alone athletic, are considering the move to bike and asking me for advice.

    Here’s hoping.

  2. RL Policar

    I know Moe was able to convince his company to do some sort of incentive program where the person that rides the most gets $50 a month.

  3. Lance

    New Belgium…is amazing. They are setting the benchmark for business everywhere. I think they even recycle water they use for treatment of hops, barley, etc.

    A… Ahem, cough, cough…”friends” company I know actually claimed they were Going Green because they were recycling old computers. Yipdee doo. Gimme a break. Bravo to New Belgium for setting the standard.

    Try their Springboard Blond if you see it. One of the best blonds I’ve had.

  4. Mike C

    Is there some resource out there for bike to work corporate programs–a list of what they are and who does them? I’m working for a much bigger company than I ever have before. They have commter benefits like mass transit and parking reimbursement, also a health and wellness program that pays for part of health club, weight loss program, and smoking cessasion program fees, but nothing for bike commuters. The transport stuff is, I think, funded by gov’t programs, in whole or part and the health and wellness bennies might be as well. Is there Fed programs out there doing the same things for bikes/bike commuting? Can anyone point me to other examples of corporate bike advocacy?

  5. Moe

    Mike, one of the best resources is the League of American Bicyclists:

    Currently, there’s no federal programs for bike commuting, the Bike Commuter Act by Congressman Blumenauer is something we can hope for.

    When I asked my employer for bike commuting incentives, they basically shrugged me off. But when I got 7 people riding their bikes to work, our voice was louder and a $50 monthly incentive was put in place in a form of a raffle. The only requirement was for us to ride our bikes a minimum of 8 days per month. At this time, I’m the only riding my bike to work, so I get an automatic $50 bucks at the end of the month.

    My advice is to talk to your Human Resources department, show them the advantages of bike commuting and get people on bikes.

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