Ghost Rider: Bike Celebrity

It seems that our own Jack “Ghost Rider” Sweeney is making the ‘media rounds’. Jack was recently interviewed by the St. Petersburg Times (Click here to read the article).

local boy makes good

Also, he had the pleasure of being interviewed for the University of South Florida Oracle, the daily student newspaper for the USF community. Check out that article here for a pretty comprehensive overview of the Tampa bicycling community’s “highlights”.


  1. Teague

    Nice going, Jack.

    This line near the beginning of the USF article sounded odd when I read it:

    “Nearly 40 percent of adults in the U.S. ride bikes, and bicycling is a powerful and influential force in American culture and economy, according to the American Automobile Association.”

    According to AAA? They advocate for cars’ interests — are they exaggerating their opponent’s muscle here or what? (I briefly looking for the publication this is taken from, but with no luck.)

  2. Ghost Rider

    Funny…I wondered the same thing. I”ll see if I can get in touch with the reporter and find out where that statistic came from.

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