It’s here!

My Bilenky cargo bike came in this weekend and it’s awesome. It was shipped via Amtrak to Union Station, so after my photo assignment, I hopped on the Metro with Laura to go pick it up. It was in the baggage department waiting to be assembled.

What goodness could be in this box?

Well wrapped in newspaper to keep it from banging about.

I managed to cut my thumb open while cutting away the newspaper. A little too anxious.

Installing the handlebars and pedals.

The maiden voyage at Union Station. A few laps to dial in the seat and brakes.

A beauty shot from today.


  1. Bike Jax

    Very Nice! (He say with a hint of jealous envy)

  2. Peter

    Need a pic when it’s loaded up.

  3. Ghost Rider

    What a gorgeous machine!

    Is the front cargo carrier sized specifically to fit your Pelican case?

    Say, are those the Keen clip-in sandals you’re rocking?

  4. Johnny

    Great color choice! That bike’s really a head-turner:)

  5. Russ Roca (Post author)

    I’m working on a canvas bottom for the rack to act as a hammock for objects that are smaller than the rails….right now I’m using a safety nylon net made for sailing…

    the front cargo is sized to fit my biggest Pelican case…but not my smaller ones, so I’m working on a fix right now…
    yep..those are keens…love them!

  6. RL


    We have to test the weight capacity of that cargo area, I volunteer to be your dead weight!

  7. Roger B.

    “Great color choice! That bike’s really a head-turner:)”…..yeah like WTF is that?

    So will you be commuting in this?

  8. RL Policar
  9. RussRoca

    Yeah….I’ve been commuting on it the last few days…I fastened a wicker basket on it with some zip ties to do some groceries. So far so good.

    It rides pretty well loaded. When there is weight on front it dampens and smooths out the steering….I’ve even been standing on hills with weight on the front and it’s pretty good…probably less whippy than my xtracycle, but squirrely in a different way…

    You have to keep your upper body still and not throw the bike around…reminds me of climbing with my Bike Friday, which makes sense since both had 20 inch front wheels…

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