Tokyo Bicycle Storage

I just wished I knew what he was saying, but for the most part, you can understand what he’s doing and showing.


  1. Ragged Claws

    Holy smokes. It is like a funky “Matrix” meets “Pee Wee Herman’s Big Adventure” alter-reality bicycle world.

  2. Kim

    These are popular here in Korea and Japan for parking cars, but that’s the first I’ve seen for bicycles. That’s awesome!

  3. Tacticus

    That is a seriously shiny setup i wonder what kind of density could be reached with one of those.

  4. Ghost Rider

    The system is incredibly cool and all, but doesn’t it seem like an unnecessarily HUGE facility for that purpose? There’s lots of wasted space in there, but then again you’d need an army of employees to do such a thing manually.

    I wish we knew what the total number of bikes such a facility could hold…that may justify the size of that place.

  5. Jamis_Bater

    Just imaging the need for that much bicycle storage is beyond my comprehension. Wouldn’t that be incredible if the States had the need for that as well? I was just awestruck by that thing.

  6. josh_daniels

    That much bike storage would be necessary in large cities with a high commuter population like NY or SF, especially at busy Metro/BART stops. Good luck getting a city government to invest in something like this in the US. I think it could be profitable for a private company though in some domestic markets.

    I wish we had these here in the SF bay area!

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